Why Do You Ask?

Why Do You Ask?

A poem by Kate Barnes

I can’t make

  any story

about my life

tonight.  The house

is like an overturned wastebasket;

the radio

is predicting

more rain.

I ask my dog

to tell me

a story, and she

Never hesitates.

“Once upon

a time,” she says,

“a woman lived

with a simply

wonderful dog…” and

she stops talking.

“Is that all?”

I ask her.

“Yes,” she says

“Why do you ask?

Isn’t it enough?”

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One Response to Why Do You Ask?

  1. wbear11 says:

    I just learned about SaveAMexicanMutt and stumbled onto your blog – I too live in D.F., see the dogs, and have no idea what to do for them. It is so sad to see so many neglected dogs on the streets. We have a cat (adopted from a shelter in the U.S. and she moved with us to Mexico) and 2 months ago we adopted a pregnant ferile cat from Toluca who is the sweetest thing. She had 2 babies we have been caring for, they are 6 weeks old now and we are finding good homes for them with our friends. We are going to adopt the mommy cat. There are fewer stray cats in Mexico (at least that you see) but they too are in such a sad state.

    I am going to try to publicize SAMM as much as I can. Additionally, I am on the Board of Advisors for a D.F.-based NGO and I am going to work with them to see if we can change the gov policy toward dogs. Reading about the electrocution policy broke my heart, literally. It is absolutely appalling. Maybe some negative press attention to the issue will pressure the gov to invest a bit more money and change the policy completely.

    All the best,

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